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The different roles

Insight Executive – a role which is instrumental in the delivery of major projects for a number of our clients whether through desk research into a major brand, preparing stimulus for a critical workshop, organising insight research or liaison with our clients. The role involves working alongside one or more Project Inspirers and delivering a number of key tasks across different projects. This is a role for a consummate juggler!
The Insight Executive’s role is a superb grounding in all the key disciplines of the company with exposure to clients in top-flight companies.

Project Inspirer – is the pivotal role in the company, running major projects for a number of our clients and responsible for their design, delivery and quality. The role involves managing and working with a team of Inspirers in a matrix management approach. A team can comprise other Project Inspirers, Research Inspirers, Insight Executives, New Business Inspirers and Chief Inspirers (directors).
The Project Inspirer also needs to be able to build strong and enduring relationships with clients and become seen as an integral part of their strategic support. This role extends to identifying future client needs and proposing project solutions.

Research Inspirer – this role is not for those who feel comfortable giving verbatim feedback to unsophisticated clients. This is for researchers who want their work to inspire action by their clients. This is for researchers who like to think hard all the way through the process from forming robust hypotheses to developing sound methodologies, from the design of searching questionnaires and discussion guides to identifying ‘sit up and take notice’ consumer and customer insights, from rigorously analysing results to creating impactful presentations with clear recommendations offering real commercial advantage for our clients.

New Business Inspirer – a natural progression for both Project Inspirers and Research Inspirers, this role is the lifeblood of Catalyst. Without effective new business development by experienced and able consultants, we would not be the successful company we are today. If inspiration is key to the work of Project Inspirers and Research Inspirers, it is vital to that of an NBI. Clients or potential clients will only place projects if they are convinced that there is not only a strong grasp of the business dynamics and the key issues at play, but also if they are inspired by innovative tools and techniques that a consultancy has at its command and seeing relevant experience through powerful case studies.