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There’s no real secret as to how we deliver great marketing strategy, brand positioning and NPD for our clients – it’s equal measures of inspiration and perspiration! Building successful brands is key to the long term success of any company, Catalyst helps our clients ensure their brands stay relevant by analysing, clarifying and redefining their brands whether through our Brand Illumination process or through our rigorous consumer positioning development We also identify where there are genuinely new opportunities for either existing or new brands to exploit and create inspired concepts to meet them Coming up with ideas is easy, but coming up with great, sector-leading ideas is a whole lot tougher. We use various creative techniques such as Idea Startpoints, Pandora’s Box or Challenge Cards to inspire the greatest ideas from within and without your business All our brand consultancy projects involve one or more innovative workshop sessions whether they be a CCS, a POW, a PAM or a CAW, each is carefully designed and structured with the end in mind: delivering the client’s objectives by Inspiring Action!
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