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What’s the worst crime in research?
verbatim feedback of what happened with little real insight, no interpretation and a complete absence of recommendations, in short, no added value
As ex-clients ourselves, we know how frustrating such presentations are and how completely inadequate that type of research is because it doesn’t take a project further All our Research Inspirers stake their reputation on identifying real insights, drawing on their experience to make sound interpretations relevant to the market and business and commit to delivering firm recommendations Catalyst provides qualitative and quantitative insight for our clients using a range of innovative methodologies and inspiring techniques In qualitative, we regularly conduct Affinity groups, Consumer Journeys, Intercept Interviews, Expert, Management and Conflict groups In quantitative, we specialise in Consumer Segmentation, Brand-Price Trade
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Nor do we limit our search for insight from your consumers alone, we also know there is great inspiration within your business, from your customers and your agencies and we go looking for it
Click here to see some of our qualitative consumer insight techniques
Click here to see some of our quantitative consumer insight techniques