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To clearly define the Bisto brand in a way that all stakeholders could understand To develop a tighter portfolio architecture and a robust new strategy Our Solution
Whilst the brand is a very old one there had been a plethora of different ways of defining it, leading to confusion within the team and it’s agencies as to precisely what the brand stood for Using Catalyst’s Brand Illumination process and working closely with the internal team and the communications agencies a new BrandPrint was defined which led to new advertising and design briefs A series of Action Clinics with the team working with a much more tightly defined brand was then able to scope a clear future portfolio architecture, with new products targeted against key needs and occasions Outputs
Clearly defined brand values and essence leading to a new simple, dynamic and straightforward design for the brand and a new ad campaign, focussing on the Brand Essence “aaah” and family mealtimes A clearly prioritised new product strategy and a plan to reduce sku proliferation and at the same time improve profitability

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